Let us handle your event ticketing

TicketMAX can handle the ticket sales and gate control for your events. We can provide your patrons a better, safer and more convenient way to purchase tickets.

Our Services

Bulk Ticket Printing

Need to print a large number of tickets and digitally track attendance? We are more than happy to deliver tickets to your door in no time. All tickets have QR Code and can be scanned at entry with our free Ticket Scanner App.

Online Ticket Selling

Say hello to the best way to sell event tickets online. Our event ticketing system features are built to help you successfully set up your event, sell tickets and manage on-site entry procedures with ease.

Ticket Scanning

Our staff are equipped with efficient and accurate ticket scanners to make sure your guests can enter the event venue with ease and convenience. Our Ticket Scanner App can catch double entries and fake tickets.




Ticketing Features

Interactive Seat Plan

Our seatmap technology creates beautiful and crisp seating plans based on vector graphics.

  • Color-coded sections based on price
  • Whole seatmap zooms in or out easily
  • Hover on seats to get more information
  • Click on a seat to reserve it
  • Works on desktop and mobile devices 

Customizable Ticket Layout

We specialize in crafting personalized ticket layouts that seamlessly integrate your unique design, logo, and sponsors, ensuring a customized and visually appealing representation for your event.

Ticket Scanner

With our efficient and accurate ticket scanners, we'll make sure your guests can enter the event with ease and convenience. Our Ticket Scanner App can catch double entries and fake tickets.

Virtual Queueing

Ticket buyers are queued on the website to avoid server crashes.

White Labeled Microsite

Your own page within our platform wearing your logo and banner image.

Long-term Shows

Sell tickets for events that run for multiple days. Good for tournaments and theater shows.

Promoter's Dashboard

Access the dashboard to update your events and view reports in real-time.

Stub Printing

For e-tickets, we can print stubs for manual inventory and other purposes.

And more...

We make selling tickets online easy yet powerful, making sure your guests will love the seamless ticket booking experience.


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